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Beauty Boss Maven


Customizing salon success one owner & stylist at a time....

The Professional.

The Artist.

The Visionary.

Hello, and welcome to salonsolutionsgroup.comI am so glad that you are here. I am here because of YOU and my entire goal is to serve you the salon owner and hair stylist. The focus is to help you learn more so that you can make more and live your best life possible. You see, I have walked in your very shoes and and know exactly what it takes to achieve the goals you desire for yourselves and your businesses. It's about customizing solutions for your business. You dream it, we can see it and help you create it every step of the way.  

What makes Carla so knowledgeable and relatable?

I'm an industry artist and passionate professional FIRST and have spent the past 25+ years preparing for the role I have now. I crave success for myself and for those I work with and for. One thing that I have learned from every position and opportunity I have held in the industry is that you must balance business with talent. It will take both to get you to the level you desire for yourself and your business. There are no quick fixes to sustainable business growth and success. The strategies that I employ are the same strategies I used to manage million dollar brands for industry leaders such as L'Oreal USA, Empire Education Group, General Motors and many more. You may find different but I can guarantee you won't find better. 

Visionaries can see what others deem impossible

To ensure you hold the leader position against your competitors, you need a partner with strategic vision and an innate ability and the experience to position you and your business as such. Identifying the gaps in the market can mean the difference between your success and or failure. We understand what is needed whether you are the independent hair stylist or the salon owner who is building a stronger more successful team.  We focus on five key areas and they are: People, Products, Processes, Systems and Profits. Salon Solutions Group has a program and a pathway to fit the needs of every stylist. 

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