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The #1 Branding Course For Salon Owners & Hair Stylist

Want to leave the competition behind? BrandC.A.M.P is your secret weapon. Great marketing requires great brand positioning. A great brand position is the life blood to any and all successful marketing plans, initiatives, messaging and graphics. Ever struggle with what to say and what graphics to select? Not sure what marketing channels to use? BrandC.A.M.P. is the answer. Learning how to Claim A Marketable Position is a requirement for any business and brand.  Happening in real time for real results!


You Will Learn:

  • You As The Brand. You As The Product.

  • Brand Differentiation

  • Defining Your Customer Persona

  • Brand Benefits

  • and more........

  • $47 Non-Refundable Deposit Required to reserve your seat

  • Next session begins September 18, 2018

  • Seats limited to 100 per 8-week session

  • Payment plans are available


What Our BrandC.AM.P.ers have to say....


Celeste Gonzalez

 As a new stylist it was so hard to figure out how much to charge? What to do? Where to start I was so lost but now I am focused and planning my business for success. I have been able to target my exact market and attract my ideal client to my chair... I am now focused on who I want to service and making the income I dream of.

LaTasha Sims

 It's given me a clear understanding of who my ideal client is and how to communicate to them, how to market and attract them to my business.

I have also attracted alot of new clients!

Yvonne Alphonso

The most important thing I learned was that brand is the foundation of the company, and if it’s not clear and coherent the company will be lacking in all aspects. Taking this course was one of the best decisions professionally.

Peggy D'Aloisio

 I loved this class. I needed help with learning how to take things step by step.Learning how to identify your purpose, what do you want to get out of it, who are you targeting....? Now I see things differently. And to be honest, I took a class that was waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy more expensive and I looked at my husband and said I feel like I got more out of this class than I did the other.


LIVE "Build To Bank" Salon Business Success Course Series

Your business growth is our #1 priority. We have created a multi-faceted approach to support your business growth. We don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach to success.  Our  "Build To Bank" business training programs are designed to fit the needs of the your business. When in session, the courses will take place LIVE each week with every session recorded to ensure you have access 24/7 should you need to go back and review. Group Coaching is built in as well. When you have questions, we answer them in real time during each week's LIVE class training session. There are a total of six courses with each course being offered only one-time per year. 

July 2019

4-Weeks (Monday's 1:00 pm EST)

Uncover the four plans every salon business should be implementing. 


Fundamentals of Salon Business Success

January 2019

4-Weeks (Monday's 1:00 pm EST)

Promote with a Plan. Pricing requires a strategy. Learn all six and how to incorporate them.


Six Pricing Strategies Every Pro Should Know

September 2018

4-Weeks (Monday's 1:00 pm EST)

The whole point of marketing is to grow your business and your revenue. Here we show you how.


The Best Marketer Wins: Don't Just Say It, Show It!

March 2019

4-Weeks (Monday's 1:00 pm EST)

Email marketing is no longer optional for business communication & growth. You'll learn how, why and when.


Email Marketing & More. Automating Your Communication

November 2018

4-Weeks (Monday's 1:00 pm EST

Let's ring in the new year with your new year plan. Here we map out 12-months.


Profit Planning For The New Year

May 2019

4-Weeks (Monday's 1:00 pm EST)

Here you will learn to increase client loyalty, retention and revenue with simple strategies that boost the bottom line.


Rocking It With Retail! Simple Sales Strategies That Boost The Bottom Line

Providing Salon Business Success Effectively, Effeciently and Affordably

Monthly Memberships

WeCre8te ELITE 

Marketing Membership

Indie Artist

Unlike any other monthly membership on the market, our membership focuses on our proprietary "12-Keys To Salon Marketing Success".


WeCre8te Elite Indie is designed specifically to cater to the marketing needs of the independent salon operator (Includes Salon Suite Owners). 

Membership opens publicly two times a year and for those who have completed our 8-week Signature Trainging Course *BrandC.A.M.P., 

the monthly fee will be $37.



Marketing Membership

Salon Owners

Unlike any other monthly membership on the market, our membership focuses on our proprietary "12-Keys To Salon Owner Success".


WeCre8te Elite for Salon Owners will focus on the areas specific to Management, Leadership, Marketing and Operational Effectiveness for growth and profitability. 

Membership opens publicly two times a year and for those who have completed our 8-week Signature Trainging Course *BrandC.A.M.P., 

the monthly fee will be $67.



Shears, Shades & Hues


Monthly Membership

Cut & Color


The most innovative membership designed for the beauty pro who understands the connection between Cut and Color. While we will repesent no particular color brand, our intent is to provide theory and techinical training using an array of products so that you get an expanded educational experience.


Membership is scheduled to launch in January 2019. We will do a prelaunch in November 2018. Prelaunch membership will be available to the first 300 stylist only on a first come first serve basis. Prelaunch membership rate will be $27 per month with a $57 One-time Enrollment Fee. To Get on the wait list, click link below. 

$47 per Month

$67 One-Time Enrollment Fee

Registration Opens October 1, 2018

$77 per Month

$97 One-Time Enrollment Fee

$47 per Month

$77 One-Time Enrollment Fee

Registration Opens October 1, 2018


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